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18 April 2013 @ 12:54 pm
I haven't updated in ages.. I hope now, I'm gonna be able to maintain this and keep it running..

I'm at my cousin's place now. I'm actually alone till night time so.. I'm double lonely today. Not much to do, not much people to talk to. It's so boring. I hope something interesting comes up.

Or at least company. I hope someone accompanies me.

I'll get used to it. I should get used to it.
15 May 2012 @ 10:47 am
Good morning! I`m actually updating my LJ now. It`s been awhile since I did. Nothing spectacular has been happening. Except yesterday Inifnite released Infinitize! The Music Video will be out later. 6PM KST, I hope. Oh and I watched Avengers last Saturday. Super cool movie! Late, I know but better than never! Iron Man <3

Oh last Sunday was Mother`s day. We just dined here at home. We had 3 cakes and 2 tubs of ice cream and some good food. Yup, I think I`m gonna die of diabetes-- kidding! The cakes are all finished now. I would have a slice after every meal and I was almost sick of it. Craved for something salty afterwards. You can`t have too much of everything anyway. That`s just bad.

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Hate it. It`s just really annoying when pride gets in the way. It just ruins everything. Idek anymore. I hope me eating brunch will make me feel better. Thinking of what I should eat now. I hate it when I get used to something then it suddenly stops. I hate it when someone`s talking to me, I say something and the topic changes. I hate it when they don`t react/response to what I say. I seem pretty self-centered ;; I have to change that. But I barely ignore/change the topic when someone brings something up.

This entry is messed up and cluttered. Not planning to edit it. Coz that`s what my mind is right now. When was it organized anyway? Hah. Life sure does it`s ups and downs. 3 days till syupdanhisleepover! Super duper excited to see them and be with them for 3 days and 2 nights.

Gah who am I kidding? I don`t feel well today. Not coz I`m sick. Just. GAAAAAH.
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08 May 2012 @ 03:39 pm
Last night Only Tears by Infinite came out. I`m gonna have to say it`s one of the best ballads I`ve heard. It`s different from their previous kind of music but it`s really nice. It sounds sad, because it is. If you read the lyrics translation, it`ll make you tear up. Hence the title. It`s about unrequited love and it`s really really nice to listen to. 

I was planning to listen to it to sleep last night but I got really lazy to rip it off youtube and instead I waited for a download link. So now, it`s in my iPod and I can listen to it to sleep tonight. Enjoy listening! I can`t wait till their comeback! Looking forward to it. A few more days to go, Inspirits!

I wish the other members had more lines though. They could have split up the chorus though. But all is well. We were able to hear their voices and Sungyeol`s adorable lisp. :D
Current Music: Infinite (인피니트) - 눈물만 (Only Tears)